Docker stack magic
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Docker stack magic 🎩🐇


curl -fsSL | bash

Specific releases are available via the project release page.




git clone ssh://
cd abra
make dev_install

See autonomic-cooperative/installer-scripts for the installer script deployment. To make a release, just add an entry to and the installer (following semver please) and then git tag x.x.x && git push origin main --tags. If you want the installer-scripts deployment to pick that up, you’ll need to change the version number in the Makefile and run make in that repository and push the changes.


  • abra run mariadb mysqldump gitea -p'GdIbMeS09SURRktBnm3jcTufsL5z0MPd' | gzip > ../git.autonomic.zone_mariadb_date +%F.sql.gz