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Molecule Hetzner Cloud driver plugin

Updated 3 months ago

Cookiecutter template for generating molecule configuration

Updated 5 months ago

Cookiecutter template for generating an ansible role

Updated 5 months ago

Traefik reverse proxy authentication that supports Keycloak SSO

Updated 2 days ago

Open source edge router that makes publishing your services a fun and easy experience

Updated 2 days ago

Updated 2 months ago

Well known URIs for Traefik

Updated 5 days ago

Python 0 0

Magic App (DEPRECATED: see

Updated 2 weeks ago

Shell 0 0

Docker stack magic

Updated 11 hours ago

Background task runner in our swarm

Updated 5 days ago

Swarm configuration upgrade bot

Updated 4 days ago

Dockerfile 0 0

Swarm backup bot

Updated 2 days ago

Plain text script hosting so we can do `curl -fsSL | bash` installations

Updated 1 day ago

Deploy swarm stacks against a SSH based remote docker daemon context

Updated 10 hours ago

Python 0 0

Experimental abra implementation in Python. The Bash reference implementation remains at large

Updated 10 hours ago