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  decentral1se 3df5cfb9e6 Merge pull request 'Update gitea/gitea Docker tag to v1.12.4' (#2) from renovate/docker-gitea-gitea-1.x into master 1 week ago
  Renovate Bot ad0f76e576 Update gitea/gitea Docker tag to v1.12.4 1 week ago
  decentral1se b8ef240cbd Merge pull request 'Configure Renovate' (#1) from renovate/configure into master 1 week ago
  Renovate Bot 674ff893e3 Add renovate.json 1 week ago
  Luke Murphy bf1f9c515a
Set attachments and default path 2 weeks ago
  Luke Murphy 8758e90b93
Use main now 2 weeks ago
  Luke Murphy 4bfaf56cef
Use more consistent paths for storage 2 weeks ago
  Luke Murphy 80ebbf0d4c
Add avatar storage path 2 weeks ago
  Luke Murphy f5dd213348
Use correct collation/charset 2 weeks ago
  Luke Murphy 8947e3a528
Add default, shorten start check and remove outdated cruft 2 months ago
  Luke Murphy a226cfb0be
Also load SSH port from env 2 months ago
  Luke Murphy c877b880b8
Fix typo 2 months ago
  Luke Murphy 1a25c0b2ed
Use new version naming convention 2 months ago
  Luke Murphy ae1b1c2932
Fix typo 2 months ago
  Luke Murphy 13a1da8760
Don't forget the root password 3 months ago
  Luke Murphy 2f234ff5d4
Use mysql to match our installation 3 months ago
  Luke Murphy 7f661b1074
Zero downtime configuration 3 months ago
  Luke Murphy fbf0aa00a4
Add LICENSE 3 months ago
  Luke Murphy aa63b8ef67
Bootstrap Gitea repository 3 months ago