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decentral1se 87dffa3c34 Merge pull request 'Update traefik Docker tag to v2.4.5 (master)' (#19) from renovate/master-docker-traefik-2.x into master 1 week ago
.drone.yml Upgrade configs 2 weeks ago
.env.sample Move config to abra.sh 3 weeks ago
.gitignore Bootstrap Traefik repository 8 months ago
LICENSE Add LICENSE 8 months ago
README.md Fix CI badge 4 months ago
abra.sh Bump internally managed config 2 weeks ago
compose.host.yml start-first by default, stop-first for host mode 3 months ago
compose.keycloak.yml First stab at better SSL 4 months ago
compose.smtp.yml Make generic 4 months ago
compose.yml Update traefik Docker tag to v2.4.5 1 week ago
file-provider.yml First stab at better SSL 4 months ago
renovate.json Add renovate.json 5 months ago
traefik.yml If/else the additional ports 2 weeks ago