Simple Kimai terminal client 🤟
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Simple Kimai terminal client 🤟


  1. Grab a binary from dist that matches your OS
  2. Download and chmod +x it
  3. kimchi -h to see the help output


  • go build -v . to build
  • go run kimchi.go to test quickly
  • Use export DEBUG=1 to see every request/response


  1. goreleaser release --snapshot --rm-dist
  2. git add . && git commit -m "release: new binaries" && git push


Had to fork strfmt due to go-openapi/strfmt#92.

Also had to apply this diff:

diff --git a/strfmt/time.go b/strfmt/time.go
index 748ca40..5dab792 100644
--- a/strfmt/time.go
+++ b/strfmt/time.go
@@ -83,7 +83,8 @@ var (
        DateTimeFormats = []string{RFC3339Micro, RFC3339MicroNoColon, RFC3339Millis, RFC3339MillisNoColon, time.RFC3339, time.RFC3339Nano, ISO8601LocalTime, ISO8601PlusTimezone, ISO8601TimeWithReducedPrecision, ISO8601TimeWithReducedPrecisionLocaltime, ISO8601TimeUniversalSortableDateTimePattern}

        // MarshalFormat sets the time resolution format used for marshaling time (set to milliseconds)
-       MarshalFormat = RFC3339Millis
+       // MarshalFormat = RFC3339Millis
+       MarshalFormat = ISO8601LocalTime

        // NormalizeTimeForMarshal provides a normalization function on time befeore marshalling (e.g. time.UTC).
        // By default, the time value is not changed.