A drainage basin collects all precipitation in an area, first in to smaller streams and finally in to a large river. Similarly, Konfluks brings together small streams of web content from different places together in a single large stream.
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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from setuptools import setup
packages = \
package_data = \
{'': ['*'], 'lumbunglib': ['templates/*']}
install_requires = \
'peertube @ '
entry_points = \
{'console_scripts': ['lumbunglib-cal = lumbunglib.cloudcal:main',
'lumbunglib-feed = lumbunglib.feed:main',
'lumbunglib-hash = lumbunglib.hashtag:main',
'lumbunglib-vid = lumbunglib.video:main']}
setup_kwargs = {
'name': 'lumbunglib',
'version': '0.1.0',
'description': 'Python lib which powers lumbung[dot]space automation',
'long_description': None,
'author': 'rra',
'author_email': None,
'maintainer': None,
'maintainer_email': None,
'url': None,
'packages': packages,
'package_data': package_data,
'install_requires': install_requires,
'entry_points': entry_points,
'python_requires': '>=3.9,<4.0',