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The Docker configuration for Calendso is an effort powered by people within the community. Calendso does not provide official support for Docker, but we will accept fixes and documentation. Use at your own risk.


Make sure you have docker & docker-compose installed on the server / system.

Getting Started

  1. Clone calendso-docker

    git clone --recursive
  2. Update .env if needed

  3. Build and start calendso

    docker-compose up --build
  4. Start prisma studio

    docker-compose exec calendso -- npx prisma studio
  5. Open a browser to http://localhost:5555 to look at or modify the database content.

  6. Click on the User model to add a new user record.

  7. Fill out the fields (remembering to encrypt your password with BCrypt) and click Save 1 Record to create your first user.

  8. Open a browser to http://localhost:3000 and login with your just created, first user.