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Docker image for node-sass, based on this blog post:

Run with Docker

docker run -v "$(pwd):/data" 3wordchant/node-sass main.scss

-v ... mounts the current directory into the /data directory, which is where sass will look for files. If your SCSS files are elsewhere, you can change or add to "$(pwd)"

Everything after 3wordchant/node-sass is an argument to the Sass compiler. See all available options by running ... 3wordchant/node-sass --help.

In particular, the -w "watch" option might be helpful, e.g.:

docker run -v "$(pwd):/data" 3wordchant/node-sass -w main.scss main.css

will watch for changes to main.scss or its dependencies, and compile them to main.css.

Run with docker-compose / Docker Swarm-mode

    image: 3wordchant/node-sass
      - "../path/to/assets:/data"
    command: ["-w", "scss/main.scss", "css/main.css"]

You can also then run one-off commands with docker-compose exec sass ....