Generate Jitsi and Riseup pad links and dial-in details for your meetings 🤙
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set up meetings with a Jitsi link and phone dial-in and a Riseup pad for notes, fairly quickly.


git clone
cd horizonevent
yarn start

then when you're ready to deploy, run yarn build and copy the build/ directory to a webserver somewhere.


  • small-screen responsiveness
  • add options for:
    • disabling Riseup pad link
    • which countr(ies'/y's) phone number(s) to show
    • Jitsi server URL
  • "copy to clipboard" button
  • Zoom tidier - strip redundant numbers and clarify formatting of the gruesome invite text
  • slugify entered meeting name to get URLs
  • room name security checks
  • continuous deployment
  • query string / JS history API for bookmarkable URLs
  • transitions