Autonomic Cooperative

Sustainability, Transparency, Privacy

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Swarm configuration upgrade bot

Updated 5 hours ago

Updated 4 days ago

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opencase core

Updated 4 days ago

Composer setup for opencase with only the core module

Updated 1 week ago

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forked from with a dockerfile from just trying to arrive at a working drone config for building docker images

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Updated 3 weeks ago

Very lightly-customised nginx image for use with wordpress-bedrock

Updated 4 weeks ago

Autonomics website on the world wide web

Updated 1 month ago

A simple tool to dump and load CiviCRM configuration.

Updated 2 months ago

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Mirror of

Updated 2 months ago

Template repository for an All-Singing, All-Dancing, Not-Shit Autonomic Wordpress Site (ASADNSA). To use this, create a new repository in Gitea and choose this one as a template.

Updated 2 months ago

centralised grafana/loki/prometheus monitoring stack

Updated 2 months ago

Testing out a potential infra tooling switch

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 2 months ago