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Jean-Baptiste Pasquier deb3b25520
feature: handle multiple configs 2 years ago
Jean-Baptiste Pasquier dee070596a
major: flatten the project 2 years ago
Plup 9df738a15f Feature/cypressio 3 years ago
Jean-Baptiste Pasquier 40792273fe Fixes & Hubl branding 3 years ago
plup 983eab6ef3 feat: cleaned old building methods 3 years ago
plup 3cb7dbeeb1 feature: chained html and pug loader to support parameter injection 3 years ago
plup 3a321c2b00 feature: imported webpack template 3 years ago
Jean-Baptiste Pasquier 0323f185b0
fix: gitignore 4 years ago
Jean-Baptiste Pasquier f60b720d37
less javascript for user img 4 years ago
Jean-Baptiste 34804b8d0d update: remove submodules 4 years ago
Gaelle Morin 53d3429896 config.json added in gitignore 4 years ago
Clément d3c3d6d921 update: simplify config 4 years ago
jblemee 06a019ac20 update: README: link to the client_id generation documentation 4 years ago
Clément 78551c4579 add sib-oidc 4 years ago
Clément c1456a5b63 use sample files 4 years ago
Clément 72a47b9cb6 style members & jobs 4 years ago
Clément 324a5aa347 refactoring 4 years ago
Clément 874a8c636f reset 4 years ago
Clément facbd376bc update: convert to pug 4 years ago
Alexandre Bourlier bbb8e0a24c feature - chat component on the right view 5 years ago
Alexandre Bourlier 0057e9245b Deploy process cleaned up 5 years ago
Alexandre Bourlier bdfa78a945 Architecture and models setup for members and projects. Chat and css missing 5 years ago
Alexandre Bourlier 53e26268b3 Based menu on Twitter Bootstrap Navbar 5 years ago
Alexandre Bourlier 6aaf5da47a Included dependencies to avoid requiring the network 5 years ago
Alexandre Bourlier 386938389f Luke's work 5 years ago