Utilities for navigating flat trees
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Utilities for navigating flat trees

Flat Trees are the core data structure that power Hypercore feeds. They allow us to deterministically represent a tree structure as a vector. This is particularly useful because vectors map elegantly to disk and memory. Because Flat Trees are deterministic and pre-computed, there is no overhead to using them. In effect this means that Flat Trees are a specific way of indexing into a vector more than they are their own data structure. This makes them uniquely efficient and convenient to implement in a wide range of languages.


$ pip install flat-tree


from flat_tree import FlatTreeIterator

tree_iter = FlatTreeIterator()

print("tree index: ", tree_iter.index)
print("tree first parent: ", tree_iter.parent())
print("tree next parent", tree_iter.parent())


tree index:  0
tree first parent:  1
tree next parent 3