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This is the official dokku buildpack for static websites, powered by nginx.


All static files that you want to serve should be in the root directory of your repository. No need to use a separate www folder. buildpack-nginx will automatically download the buildpack, download NGINX, compile it, and install it. The next time you push your project, the buildpack will reuse the precompiled binaries.


To trigger detection of this buildpack you need to add a dotfile:

Add an empty file called .static to your root directory of your web project (regardless if you use a custom value for NGINX_ROOT)


Heroku users can use this buildpack by running the following command:

heroku buildpacks:set


You can override the nginx root via setting the NGINX_ROOT environment variable. This should be a relative path in your repository (for example dokku config:set <app> NGINX_ROOT=_site if you are deploying a Jekyll site).

You may completely override the built-in nginx config by placing an app-nginx.conf.sigil file in the root, modeled after our own conf/app-nginx.conf.sigil. This will be used inside of the container, and not by the host Dokku instance. See the sigil project for more information concerning the sigil format.

Credits and License

buildpack-nginx is licensed under the CC0 1.0 Universal license and has been informed by many similar projects on the web.

Florian Heinemann