The Co-op Cloud command-line interface 🎩🐇
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The Co-op Cloud utility belt 🎩🐇

abra is a command-line tool for managing your own Co-op Cloud. It can provision new servers, create applications, deploy them, run backup and restore operations and a whole lot of other things. It is the go-to tool for day-to-day operations when managing a Co-op Cloud instance.

Change log

🔥 🔥 🔥 Please note, while we are still in public alpha, the abra release versioning scheme is not following semver conventions because we are still in the exploratory phases of building this tool. Please read the changes before upgrading your abra installation as there are most likely breaking changes coming each release. Sorry for any inconvenience caused, we're working hard to make this tool stable. Semver will be respected when we reach public beta. 🔥 🔥 🔥





  • pwqgen (optional)
  • pwgen (optional)
  • curl
  • docker
  • bash >= 4

Install the latest stable release:

curl | bash

or the bleeding-edge development version:

curl | bash -s -- --dev

The source for this script is here.


An image is also provided.

docker run thecoopcloud/abra app ls


Run abra upgrade to automatically download and install the latest release version.

To update the development version, run abra upgrade --dev.


It's written in Bash version 4 or greater!

Install it via curl | bash -s -- --dev, then you can hack on the source in ~/.abra/src.

The command-line interface is generated via docopt. If you add arguments then you need to run make docopt ro regenerate the parser.

Please remember to update the CHANGELOG when you make a change.



  • Change the x.x.x header in to reflect new version and mark date
  • Update the version in abra
  • Update the version in deploy/
  • git commit the above changes and then tag it with git tag <your-new-version>
  • git push and git push --tags
  • Deploy a new installer script make release-installer
  • Tell the world (CoTech forum, Matrix public channel, Autonomic mastodon, etc.)