Python lib which powers lumbung[dot]space automation
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Python lib which powers automation


Install poetry:

curl -sSL | python -

We use Poetry because it locks the dependencies all the way down and makes it easier to manage installation & maintenance in the long-term. Then install the dependencies & have them managed by Poetry:

poetry install

Each script requires some environment variables to run, you can see the latest deployment configuration over here, look for the values under the environment: ... stanza.

All scripts have an entrypoint described in the pypoetry.toml which you can run via poetry run .... For example, if you want to run the lumbunglib/ script, you'd do:

mkdir -p testdir
export OUTPUT_DIR=/testdir
poetry run lumbunglib-vid

Run poetry run poetry2setup > if updating the poetry dependencies. This allows us to run pip install . in the deployment and Pip will understand that it is just a regular Python package. If adding a new cli command, extend pyproject.toml with a new [tool.poetry.scripts] entry.