Custom Keycloak theme
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Build Status

Custom theming for the Keycloak SSO service.

Please see default-themes/ and for more info.


Just send commits and the Drone CI/CD configuration will take care of the rest.

Custom theming workflow

You'll need a local Docker installation.

Then run a local Keycloak instance and mount the theme into the container with the following (makefile source):

$ make

An example workflow for customising the login theme would be:

  • Log into localhost:8080 with username: admin and password: admin
  • Go to Realm Settings > Themes
  • Choose a custom login theme via Login Theme > and click Save
  • Sign out and you'll be redirected to the login page
  • Now, test you can make an edit and it is reflected on reload, change the "Username or email" string in
  • Reload the page, your change should be live

See related documentation and tutorials for the hacking: