A social and publishing platform for sharing harvests by all members online. It is non-extractive, co-governed by the users, and is built on open platforms. https://lumbung.space
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Build Status

lumbung.space logo

lumbung.space is an online platform by and for the lumbung-interlokal and lumbung artists. Many of the artists and collectives invited for documenta fifteen are located far away from each other, with their own contextual realities and vulnerabilities. To be able to work together over such distances, the act of documenting the process, writing together, and keeping each other informed within the network is one of the most important parts of the process of building the lumbung. This process is known as harvesting. Thus, lumbung.space was made to provide a number of tools and a collective publishing outlet for this diverse network to experiment and share the collective processes through harvests. Like a vibrant archive and a digital living room, it allows connection, support, and sharing of knowledge. Learn more on lumbung.space...

Technical FAQ

How does the CI/CD work?

The .drone.yml triggers a build on drone.autonomic.zone of the Dockerfile.hugo and the Dockerfile.scripts and then deploys the compose.yml stack using docker stack deploy.

How often is the content regenerated?

See the sleep ... statements in the compose.yml.

How do I see if content generation is working?

(requires lumbung.space docker context)

  • docker service logs -f beta_lumbung_space_peertube
  • docker service logs -f beta_lumbung_space_calendar
  • docker service logs -f beta_lumbung_space_feed

Where beta_lumbung_space_<service-name> and you see the service name in the compose.yml.

How do I add a feed?

Add your RSS feed URL to feeds_list.txt and don't forget this deploy step.

How do I wipe all the generated content?

(requires lumbung.space docker context)

docker exec -it $(docker container ls -q -f name=beta_lumbung_space_app) bash -c "rm -rf /src/content/*"


Generate the site

Install Hugo and hugo serve --watch

Generate lumbung[dot]space posts

Do this manually first:

mkdir -p content
python3 -m venv .venv && source .venv/bin/activate
pip install git+https://git.autonomic.zone/ruangrupa/konfluks

export CALENDAR_URL="https://cloud.lumbung.space/remote.php/dav/public-calendars/WbnHM8YdCkKT6bcT?export"
export OUTPUT_DIR=content/calendar

export OUTPUT_DIR=content/tv

export OUTPUT_DIR=content/shouts
konfluks-feed  # reads ./feeds_list.txt

export OUTPUT_DIR=content/social

Afterwards, you can automatically run it with make gen.

After a git pull, you may need to run pip install git+https://git.autonomic.zone/ruangrupa/konfluks again.

Manually deploying new images

  • docker login -u decentral1se -p $(logins/dockerhub/decentral1se)
  • make push-hugo
  • make push-scripts

Manually deploy the site

(requires lumbung.space docker context)

  • make deploy

Deploy a new feeds_list.txt

Increment the _v<n> (e.g. v1 -> v2) in compose.yml configs to avoid any deployment error.