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What Is Jekyll

For those unfamiliar with how Jekyll works, check out jekyll.rb for all the details, or read up on the basics of front matter, writing posts and creating pages.

Deploy It

  1. Push your changes to master and Dokku will try to automatically release
  2. See the Drone dashboard to see the build

Hack On It

The only prerequisite is Docker. If you're on Debian, installing is easy.

$ curl -fsSL -o  # have a look if you want
$ sh

Fire up the container with the following.

$ make dockerserver

Then visit the locally running website.


Then you can edit the files as normal and reload the page.


  1. For configuration, please note, we now use a dev environment config file: _config_dev.yml. Hence if you edit one _config* file and you also want that change to be reflected in the other environment ("dev", "prod") then edit the other file as well!