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This is based on the members we sent invoices to in 2021.
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Agile Collective Ltd,The Old Music Hall//106 - 108 Cowley Road//Oxford//England//OX4 1JE,13
Animorph,c/o Outlandish//113-115 Fonthill Road//London//N4 3HH,5
Autonomic Co-operative Limited,1539 Pershore Road//Birmingham//B30 2JH//United Kingdom,3
CBN Limited,Holyoake House//Hanover Street//Manchester//M60 0AS,4
Code-Operative Ltd.,Baltic Business Quarters//Abbott's Hill//Gateshead//United Kingdom//NE8 3DF,5
Co-operative Web Ltd.,2 Devon Way//Longbridge//Birmingham//B31 2TS,16
Creative Coop,2 Balkerne House//Balkerne Passage//Colchester//United Kingdom//CO1 1PA,2
The Dot Project,2 Beech View//Bath//England//BA2 6DX,10
Form and Function,Davidson House//57 Queen Charlotte Street//Edinburgh //EH6 7EY,3
Go Free Range Ltd,Lytchett House//13 Freeland Park//Wareham Road//Lytchett Matravers//Poole//Dorset//BH16 6FA,3
InFact Co-operative, c/o SPACE4//113-115 Fonthill Road//London//N4 3HH,3
Outlandish,113-115 Fonthill Road//London//N4 3HH,8
Principle Six LLP,198 Old Ford Road//London//E2 9PT,2
Small Axe,7-15 Greatorex St//London//United Kingdom//E1 5NF,5
United Diversity,4 Melville Square//East Street//Bridport//DT6 3LS,2
We Are Open,3 South Terrace//Morpeth//Northumberland//NE61 1DZ,4
Webarch Co-operative Limited,68a John Street//Sheffield S2 4QU//United Kingdom,3
1 coop_name contact_address members
2 Agile Collective Ltd The Old Music Hall//106 - 108 Cowley Road//Oxford//England//OX4 1JE 13
3 Animorph c/o Outlandish//113-115 Fonthill Road//London//N4 3HH 5
4 Autonomic Co-operative Limited 1539 Pershore Road//Birmingham//B30 2JH//United Kingdom 3
5 CBN Limited Holyoake House//Hanover Street//Manchester//M60 0AS 4
6 Code-Operative Ltd. Baltic Business Quarters//Abbott's Hill//Gateshead//United Kingdom//NE8 3DF 5
7 Co-operative Web Ltd. 2 Devon Way//Longbridge//Birmingham//B31 2TS 16
8 Creative Coop 2 Balkerne House//Balkerne Passage//Colchester//United Kingdom//CO1 1PA 2
9 The Dot Project 2 Beech View//Bath//England//BA2 6DX 10
10 Form and Function Davidson House//57 Queen Charlotte Street//Edinburgh //EH6 7EY 3
11 Go Free Range Ltd Lytchett House//13 Freeland Park//Wareham Road//Lytchett Matravers//Poole//Dorset//BH16 6FA 3
12 InFact Co-operative c/o SPACE4//113-115 Fonthill Road//London//N4 3HH 3
13 Outlandish 113-115 Fonthill Road//London//N4 3HH 8
14 Principle Six LLP 198 Old Ford Road//London//E2 9PT 2
15 Small Axe 7-15 Greatorex St//London//United Kingdom//E1 5NF 5
16 United Diversity 4 Melville Square//East Street//Bridport//DT6 3LS 2
17 We Are Open 3 South Terrace//Morpeth//Northumberland//NE61 1DZ 4
18 Webarch Co-operative Limited 68a John Street//Sheffield S2 4QU//United Kingdom 3