Cookiecutter template for generating molecule configuration
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A template for generating new molecule configurations with cookiecutter.


  • Generates a ready-to-go Hetzner Cloud test configuration for a role
  • Uses yamllint/ansible-lint with arguments that work specifically with our infrastructure setup
  • Removes all unecessary configuration for the default use-case (low maintenance effort intended)


You run this command within an existing role directory. If you're looking for the role template, then we have that over here.

$ pip install cookiecutter
$ cookiecutter


  • molecule_directory: Name of the standard Molecule role directory (default: molecule)
  • role_name: Name of the role that Molecule files are embedded in (default: autonomic.mynewrole)
  • scenario_type: Name of the Molecule scenario (default: default)
  • server_type: Hetzner Cloud server type (default: cx11)
  • server_image: Hetzner Cloud image type (default: debian-10)