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A simple case-management system

The Plan

OpenCase will be available as:

  • A Drupal module, on
  • A hosted service



  • Completely configurable person types, case types and activity types
  • Search
  • Basic Reporting
  • Basic user roles (caseworker, volunteer co-ordinator, site admin etc) with access control

Coming soon

  • Better reporting (currently only reports on defaults fields and not user-added ones)
  • Allocation of tasks, overview of tasks and their stage of completion
  • Appointments and notifications

Current Status

11 Nov 2018

User Base

OpenCase is being used by a couple of organisations, early adopters on the hosted platform.

Availability as Free Software

If you want to install OpenCase for yourself, please get in touch via Issues. It is changing rapidly and the install process is currently undocumented but I am more than happy to guide you through.

Try it out

A demo site, with basic functionality is available at If you are interested, raise an issue and I will get the login to you somehow.

Find out more

  • More details, including user stories for future development, can be found in the OpenCase Gitbook
  • Raise an issue to contact the developer.