Composer setup for opencase with only the core module
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  • Clone the repo
  • composer install
  • Configure your local web server to serve the web directory as a site
  • mkdir web/sites/default/files
  • cp web/sites/default/default.settings.php web/sites/default/settings.php
  • chgrp www-data -R web
  • chmod g+w -R web/sites/default/files
  • chmod g+w web/sites/default/settings.php
  • Create a database
  • Go to the local url and run the web installer (choose "Standard")
  • drush config-set "" uuid "0c85ec7c-68f9-419f-92bb-d9a3a256ca23" (this allows you to import & export config to other sites built using this repo)
  • drush config:delete shortcut.set.default (it always complains about the shortcut set already existing when you try to import the config)
  • Import the config from the opencase module by going (in a terminal) to web/modules/contrib/opencase and then running ./
  • Appearance->Settings->Bartik and just save what's in there (to regenerate css)