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Full Surrogacy Now!

Published in May 2019


2021. Shulamith Firestone Wanted to Abolish Nature, The Nation, July 14.

2021. The Family Lottery, Dissent Magazine, Summer issue.

2021. My Octopus Girlfriend (on erotophobia), n+1 magazine, Issue 39.

2021. Low-Tech Grassroots Ectogenesis, brand new life magazine, February 2.

2020. Utopia, No (on Entitled by Kate Manne), The Baffler, November 19.

2020. With-Women: Grieving in Capitalist Time, e-flux journal #111, September.

2020. Collective Turn-Off, Mal Journal, Issue 5 (“Sex-Negative”), August 14.

2020. Mothering Against the World: Momrades Against Motherhood, Salvage Quarterly, September 18.

2020. Houses Into Homes, UCHRI, Foundry “Boiling Point” series.

2020. Grief-Circling, Dissent magazine (Summer issue).

2020. Covid-19 Is Straining the Concept of the Family. Let’s Break It, The Nation, June 3.

2020. The coronavirus crisis shows it's time to abolish the family, openDemocracy, March 24.

2020. Hello to my Haters: Tucker Carlson’s Mob and Me, Dissent magazine, Winter issue.

2019. Who Liberates the Slaves? (Review of The Testaments by Margaret Atwood.) The White Review, December 22.

2019. The Satanic Death-Cult is Real – on familial trauma. Commune magazine, Issue IV, August 28.

2019. Do Electric Sheep Drea-flim of Water Babies? - on ectogenic bio-bags; Logic magazine. Issue 8.

2019. ‘Cyborg Sentiments – on xenofeminism. Red Pepper magazine. March 27.

2019. ‘For One Another, The New Inquiry. January 23.

2018. ‘Labor Does You: Might thinking through pregnancy as work help us radicalise the politics of care? The New Socialist. December 26.

2018. ‘All Reproduction is Assisted.’ Boston Review | The Once and Future Feminist, ed. Merve Emre.

2018. ‘Gestators of all Genders, Unite!’ – the Verso Books Blog. March 26.

2018. ‘Not a Workplace: Julie Bindel and the school of wrong abolitionism’ – Verso Books Blog. May 24.

2017. “Cthulhu Plays No Role For Me” (on the oeuvre of Donna Haraway) – Viewpointmagazine, May 8.

2017. ‘Amniotechnics’ – on a watery politics of holding and letting go – The New Inquiry. January 25.

2016. ‘SERF ‘n’ TERF: Notes on some Bad Materialisms’ – Salvage Quarterly, vol. 5. February 6.


Hope Against Hope: Writings on Ecological Crisis, as part of ecological writing collective Out of the Woods.

Published in June 2020

End/And: Feminization in Unending Times, as part of feminist film criticism platform Blind Field: A Journal of Cultural Inquiry

Published in 2017/i>