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Build Status using Coöp Cloud ♥

  • Category: Apps
  • Status: ❷💛
  • Image: rocketchat/, ❶💚, upstream
  • Healthcheck: Yes
  • Backups: No
  • Email: No
  • Tests: ❷💛
  • SSO: ❶💚 (OAuth)

Basic usage

  1. Set up Docker Swarm and abra
  2. Deploy coop-cloud/traefik
  3. abra app new rocketchat --secrets (optionally with --pass if you'd like to save secrets in pass)
  4. abra app YOURAPPDOMAIN config - be sure to change $DOMAIN to something that resolves to your Docker swarm box
  5. abra app YOURAPPDOMAIN deploy
  6. Open the configured domain in your browser to finish set-up

Keycloak OpenID single sign-on

(Or use Rocket.Chat's manual set-up guide)

  1. abra app YOURAPPDOMAIN config; uncomment and edit all the Accounts_OAuth lines, and the COMPOSE_FILE line
  2. Insert the OpenID secret into Docker: (FIXME document how to do this using abra)
echo "your-secret-string-from-keycloak" | docker secret create "${STACK_NAME}_openid_key_${VERSION}" -
  1. abra app YOURAPPDOMAIN deploy
  2. You should now have a "Login via Keycloak" option on the login page