Some code to help kick off things
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djangoldp is a Django app which you plug into a Django project. So, if you're hacking on djangoldp then you need a Django project to test it. When you follow this setup guide, you get asked to run djangoldp initserver myldpserver (where I changed myldpserver to startinblox-startinoff) and what spits out is what you also see in this repository but with a working setting.yml file. If you create a virtual environment for djangoldp code then keep that virtual environment sourced and you can then run ./ here in this project folder to test your changes.

➜  startinblox tree -L 1
├── djangoldp (source .venv/bin/activate here and hack away)
└── startinblox-startinoff (run ./ commands here which uses your djangoldp code)

2 directories, 0 files