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  decentral1se 5ff502bc72 Merge pull request 'Add freenode URL' (#23) from add-free-node-logo into master 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 3cbc9adc49
Add freenode URL 1 year ago
  decentral1se 55c8859f07 Merge pull request 'Add `make stop` and allow --incremental' (#20) from stop-and-incremental into master 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 9f1dd6284b
Add `make stop` and allow --incremental 1 year ago
  decentral1se 8463aa2342 Merge pull request 'Added RSS feed for blog section' (#19) from rss-feed into master 1 year ago
  Roxie Gibson 6211ec5cb4
Added plugin to generate RSS feed at /feed.xml 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy a006517b8e
Disable force pushing 1 year ago
  decentral1se 1c980536a2 Merge pull request 'Added Gitea logo to footer' (#18) from gitea-logo into master 1 year ago
  Roxie Gibson e0007eca54
Added gitea logo to the footer and added titles to all logos 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 27c81db722
Exclude PRs once more 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy e5faea080e
Remove indentation and top-level this stanza 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 8094625dbc
Try include/exclude events 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 8868ae08bf
Try master / push combinator once again :sigh: 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 7e854e1616
Try refs trigger 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 99bf5a891f
Match master with push for triggers 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 7a5c2d613b
Turn on force pushing 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 3645e21236
Remove new line and run formatter 1 year ago
  Roxie Gibson 6623973388
Added exclusion of pull requests to drone builds 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 80af40e8ff
Add a friendlier intro 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 8ec940fac5
Move to clearer config 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 789cc39c10
Inline this link 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 2df37af10d
Remove old format cruft 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 6ebcab155e
Move to v2 format 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 9105acf97c
Point to git.coop URL 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk af8ca3ca38 Merge pull request 'text-tweaks' (#14) from text-tweaks into master 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 49f3d4ed71 Merge pull request 'pgp-key-update' (#15) from pgp-key-update into master 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 850da933e8 Merge pull request 'covid-blog-post' (#13) from covid-blog-post into master 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 07367a85a9
Touch PGP key so that commit is signed 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy da3a3a989c
Use triggers syntax 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy dcb3ada610
Don't fuck with DNS for now 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 489315eb60
Only build things on master 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 704a678de5
Added reference to infrastructure 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 5a8abd8d2b
Upgrade role requirements 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 9b906cff1a
Re-enable DNS entry tasks 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 0afce645e0
Remove notification 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk abe8840d2a
Removed bold from coop name line. 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 1c1e51f5d6
Added bold emphasis. Reorganised PGP key section. 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 7bd00564f4
Added FCA coop details 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 39d17a1e0b
Added email to services section 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk deeecb22b9
Tweaker footer 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 177cc16dde
Removed CC logo and repeated title 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk cf2c8639b1
Changed post description 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk e34352df6e
Updated 3rd draft 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk e9d996b061
Added image 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 1ef6084a27
Updated 2nd draft 1 year ago
  KawaiiPunk 05527f444a
Inital blogpost draft 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 4b31a9364d
Fix site URL 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 20c1d5bf0b
Disable DNS tasks for now 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 9348b5066e
Fix for new domain 1 year ago
  Luke Murphy 4bef557301
Add note about envs 1 year ago