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The CoTech Fund

What is the CoTech Fund?

Following a successful pilot year we have decided to make the CoTech fund permanent. The fund is a voluntary system where members of CoTech can contribute £1 per member, per week. The subscription is collected annually in advance. The fund can be used for any purpose that supports CoTech including, but not limited to:

  • Marketing and promotion
  • Events
  • Paying for infrastructure costs (such as the community forum)

Those co-ops who have joined the fund decide collectively how the fund should be distributed. We try to achieve this by consent, but where necessary can use a "one co-op, one vote" rule.

How do I join the fund?

Send an email to treasurer@coops.tech and tell us how many members are in your co-op. We will then invoice you for the appropriate amount.

How do I propose spending to the fund?

According to the process outlined in 2019:

  • A thread will be created on CoTech Loomio to propose a spending item and the rationale behind it - an example.
  • Co-ops contributing to the fund will have a week to inspect the notion and block it if they disagree. If there are no objections, the spending is approved.

Where can I find out more about the fund?

There is a fund category on the community forum where we post fund updates and discuss how to use the fund. Everyone can read these updates, and members of the co-ops in the fund can post.

How do I invoice the fund?

Co-operative Technologists
149 Fonthill Road
London N4 3HF
United Kingdom