Autonomic Cooperative

Sustainability, Transparency, Privacy

Molecule Hetzner Cloud driver plugin

Updated 1 year ago

Command line utility belt for Autonomic

Updated 2 years ago

Ansible role to manage Gandi resources

Updated 3 years ago

Magic App (DEPRECATED: see

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 10 months ago

DjangoLDP web push notifications package

Updated 2 years ago

Experimental keycloak automation

Updated 12 months ago

Community Keycloak SSO user management.

Updated 11 months ago

A simple tool to dump and load CiviCRM configuration.

Updated 8 months ago

A simple python interface to the CiviCRM APIv4

Updated 9 months ago

centralised grafana/loki/prometheus monitoring stack

Updated 8 months ago

forked from with a dockerfile from just trying to arrive at a working drone config for building docker images

Updated 7 months ago