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3wc 6fb9c651e8 Revert accidental change to test DB settings 1 year ago
3wc a7bc0c6c01 Fixes to compose file 1 year ago
3wc 0574d58a7c Tidying; add .env.sample 1 year ago
forest b3c655bc47 account-balance cli command 1 year ago
j3s a9a4c4448c Add centos deprecation yeet 1 year ago
j3s a040301bbb Add archlinux, bump everything' 1 year ago
j3s f3ea3d330d Remove ops linky 1 year ago
j3s d9dc3f3049 Add linebreak to support page 1 year ago
j3s d1c95cd113 Add ops 1 year ago
j3s 174532b7fe * 1 year ago
j3s 02c6352f11 Update support wording 1 year ago
3wordchant 171c3252e4 Merge pull request 'Add preliminary automated tests' (#1) from tests into master 1 year ago
3wc 13b2c05476 gitignore unittest output file 1 year ago
forest 5f9fc1adcf create TestHTTPClient that uses werkzueg test client, tests are passing 1 year ago
forest 16ff1b5b26 documenting the janky tests logs situation 1 year ago
forest 8c10f71f58 getting unit tests to log properly 1 year ago
forest 66dee4d87a breaking up after abusive relationship with logger 1 year ago
forest 6a587ac7fc trying to do CaptureLogOutputDuringTestsFilter (but no worky yet) 1 year ago
forest 4e510ebb01 blah failed attempts at getting tests to log 1 year ago
forest 140870ec35 add debug test log 1 year ago
forest 2348191990 trying to get tests to pass with hub_model=capsulflask 1 year ago
forest 5e682cc705 remove redundant get_vms() and add testing documentation from pull 1 year ago
3wc 2b33573890 Fix capsul create tests, post-test cleanup, tidy merge 1 year ago
forest da4d28f70c ensure that app is defined in to fix login link logging issues. 1 year ago
3wc d833b3df19 Disable VM creation check for the moment 1 year ago
3wc 46a40261bb Add SSH key tests 1 year ago
3wc b108d4c04e Initial console tests 1 year ago
3wc 6bd02a660e Basic testing using flask-testing 1 year ago
mirsal 8a944104d3 Merge pull request 'Make the displayed SSH username configurable' (#12) from mirsal/capsul-flask:ssh-username into master 1 year ago
mirsal d4a9f2f40a Make the displayed SSH username configurable 1 year ago
3wordchant 7b16606b16 Merge pull request 'shell_scripts: Fix reporting of VM IP addresses' (#9) from mirsal/capsul-flask:ipv6 into master 1 year ago
mirsal d9f3e68278 shell_scripts: Fix reporting of VM IP addresses 1 year ago
3wordchant 72c04d8495 Docker image, & local development docker-compose.yml (#2) 1 year ago
3wordchant 5bb76173dd Add custom themes, THEME setting, basic "yolocolo" theme (#7) 1 year ago
forest 8c0c613392 Merge remote-tracking branch 'threewordchant/master' 1 year ago
forest 50ee1144f9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'threewordchant/master' 1 year ago
3wc c4ba5ea197 Merge branch 'master' of ssh:// 1 year ago
forest 08eb38dc57 correctly enforce affordable_vm_sizes post form submission 1 year ago
3wc 33f4551cf4 Merge branch 'docs-reshuffle' 1 year ago
3wc 0fa7fb28b5 Split README up into separate files, plus: 1 year ago
forest be6e72028c define BTCPAY_ENABLED based on URL and btcpay key, pass it explicitly 1 year ago
3wc bf7487f4f0 Don't load /btcpay if BTCPAY_PRIVATE_KEY un-set 1 year ago
3wc 8b0ce0ba71 Hide the BTCPay link if BTCPAY_PRIVATE_KEY un-set 1 year ago
3wc bca570882e Add load_config_vars context processor.. 1 year ago
forest f3ae9aae23 remove class="small" from pricing table cuz normal size fits fine 1 year ago
3wc 827ca4a50b Auto-generate the pricing table from the database 1 year ago
3wordchant f999adaf71 Add VMs to the database even with HUB_MODE=mock (#6) 1 year ago
3wc 8f2becb9ee Fix SyntaxWarning on `is not ""` 1 year ago
3wordchant f848eda931 Merge pull request 'Disable BTCPay in the interface, if BTCPAY_PRIVATE_KEY is un-set' (#3) from optional-btcpay into master 1 year ago
3wordchant 46f49e8d8f Merge pull request 'Auto-generate the pricing table from the database' (#4) from generated-prices into master 1 year ago