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# Administration
Records and documentation for the CoTech fund
## Generating receipts
Install `wkhtmltopdf` using, for example homebrew on OS X
brew install Caskroom/cask/wkhtmltopdf
Then in the root of the project run
ruby scripts/generate_invoices.rb
The invoices should be generated in `invoices/sent/2022/`.
The ruby script can be edited to change the start of the range of invoice numbers and to generate the output in a different directory.
The data used to generate the invoices is in `members.csv`.
## Running reports
We keep a plain-text ledger of transactions in ~cotech.journal~. Using the [hledger]( tool we can generate reports. A typical one is the (financial) year-by-year break down of income and expenses which we report occasionally on the [discourse forum](
hledger -f cotech.journal is -p "yearly from 2019-04-06"